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Resources Produced by Youth Thrive to Foster Collective Impact for Wake County Youth

hands 2In March 2016 Youth Thrive released the Strategic Planning Blueprint: A Guide for Collective Impact for Wake County Youth. This Blueprint reflects the incredible commitment of individuals from 40 organizations who worked together in action teams to identify the challenges behind the data presented in the Youth Well-being Profile, released in early 2015. This Blueprint was designed to be a living document that seeks to clarify and prioritize what we as a county want to see concerning the well-being of youth. It is an invitation to the community to make a commitment to our youth by working collaboratively to achieve the Blueprint’s desired goals and to engage in ongoing priority setting for our youth.

Prior to the development of the Wake County Youth Well-being Profile in 2015, Youth Thrive produced a data report in 2013 examining four areas associated with the well-being of young people (ages 5 to 18) in Wake County: educational success, health and wellness, workforce readiness, and civic engagement. Click the report covers below to access the Secondary Data Report or Youth Well-being Profile.


Wake County Well-Being Report_cover





In early 2014 Youth Thrive hosted five community stakeholder conversations and nine youth focus groups across Wake County. Read the Summary Report.

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