All young people in Wake County become thriving adults.


To foster and maintain a sustainable community partnership that promotes the success of youth, ages 5-18, in Wake County.

Members and Partners

Our partners include a cross-section of individuals and organizations seeking to ensure that youth in Wake County become thriving adults. Youth Thrive members and partners are comprised of youth, community leaders and Stakeholders, educators, businesses, community organizations, faith-based entities, non-profits and other youth-serving organizations, local government and many others.


Youth Thrive gratefully acknowledges the contributions of our donors. To become a donor, simply click the Donate button at the top of each page on the web site.

Bryce Jones (Denver, CO), Dr. and Mrs. David W. McMurry (Concord, NC), Dr. and Mrs. Jules Toraya (Savannah, GA), Katherine Williams (Clayton, NC), Kate Shirah (Garner, NC), Mary Andrews (Raleigh, NC), Ann Godwin (Raleigh, NC), Quinn Novels (Raleigh, NC), Ross Whiteley (Raleigh, NC), Elizabeth Ruf (Raleigh, NC), Angie Welsh (Raleigh, NC), Hilton Cancel (Cary, NC), Beth Nelson, (Holly Springs, NC, ) Hugh McLean, (Wake Forest, NC), Jennifer Krause, (Cary, NC), Brandon Zuidema, (Garner, NC), Emily Baranello, (Cary, NC), Betsey McFarland, (Cary, NC) STEM for Kids, (Cary, NC), Mikaya Thurmond (Raleigh, NC), Judge Vinston Rozier (Raleigh, NC), Dr. Jocelyn Taliaferro, (Raleigh, NC), Ann Oshel, (Holly Springs, NC), Marchell Adams Davis, (Raleigh, NC), Robin Rennells, (Raleigh, NC), Andrew Meyer, (Raleigh, NC), Brenda Elliott, (Raleigh, NC), Sara Carter, (Cary, NC), Capital Broadcasting (Raleigh, NC), Emily Shapiro (Raleigh, NC)

Giving Levels:
$10,000 and above: Thriving
$5,000- $9,999: Helping
$1,000- $4,999: Advancing
0-$999: Emerging