Youth Thrive is the Wake County Youth Collaborative

As the primary convener and collaborator in Wake County for youth-serving professionals and organizations, Youth Thrive serves as a place for every voice to be heard. Youth Thrive is the home of the Youth Thrive Network, an avenue to receive training and technical assistance to help those helping our young people. Youth Thrive is also home to the Youth Places and Spaces GIS Map, a resource which identifies youth-serving organizations and services throughout Wake County. Youth Thrive also seeks to be a place where shared understanding through data-driven decision making identifies gaps and seeks to align services reaching all youth and helping them toward becoming thriving adults.

Youth Thrive is NOT a program providing direct services to youth, rather a collaborative of those serving youth. Youth Thrive’s efforts amplify the reach of what it available to youth in Wake County by increasing communication, identifying gaps and aligning resources for youth programs and services. For more details about how Youth Thrive uses a Collective Impact Model in Wake County, view this presentation.

Just Released!

Youth Thrive and its network of partners have been working since last April to develop the Strategic Planning Blueprint: A Guide for Collective Impact for Wake County Youth.
This Blueprint reflects the incredible commitment of individuals from 40 organizations who worked together in action teams to identify the challenges behind the data presented in the Youth Well-being Profile, released in early 2015. This Blueprint was designed to be a living document that seeks to clarify and prioritize what we as a county want to see concerning the well-being of youth. It is an invitation to the community to make a commitment to our youth by working collaboratively to achieve the Blueprint’s desired goals and to engage in ongoing priority setting for our youth.

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