Youth Thrive is the Wake County Youth Collaborative

As the primary convener and collaborator in Wake County for youth-serving professionals and organizations, Youth Thrive serves as a place for every voice to be heard. Youth Thrive is the home of the Youth Thrive Network, an avenue to receive training and technical assistance to help those helping our young people. Youth Thrive is also home to the Youth Places and Spaces GIS Map, a resource which helps identify youth-serving organizations and services throughout Wake County. Youth Thrive also seeks to be a place where shared understanding through data-driven decision making identifies gaps and seeks to align services reaching all youth and helping them toward becoming thriving adults.

Youth Thrive is NOT a program providing direct services to youth, rather a collaborative of those serving youth. Youth Thrive’s efforts amplify the reach of what it available to youth in Wake County by increasing communication, identifying gaps and aligning resources for youth programs and services.

Youth Thrive is committed to providing high quality training to our valuable community of youth-serving professionals and organizations.  The Youth Thrive Network has provided training and technical assistance to youth-serving professionals and organizations since 2012.  See below for upcoming training options.


Spring 2016 Training Events

Workplace Happiness with The Communications Doctor, Susanne Gaddis.  February, 16th, 8:30 am – 12:00 noon

Join us February 16th to hear from Dr. Susanne Gaddis, inspirational keynote speaker, executive coach and author. For more than 25 years, Dr. Susanne Gaddis has inspired hundreds of thousands of audience members to create stronger, healthier relationships and to fuel positive momentum in their lives, both personally and professionally. A recognized interpersonal communications expert, with a PhD in Communications and Information Technology from The Florida State University, Susanne has appeared on nationally syndicated radio, TV and video programming and has authored ebooks and articles appearing in:Training and Development Journal, The Whole American Nurse, Shape magazine, The Handbook of Public Relations, Corporate Meeting Planner, Quick and Simple magazine, and on Microsoft’s Small Business Online.

We will learn about the 24 character strengths and virtues, how recognize them in yourself, your colleagues, and the youth that you work with. Dr. Gaddis will also talk with about about combating burnout, so we can continue to do great work with youth throughout our career.

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Creating Racial Equity in Youth Serving Organizations: 2 Day Workshop with Graig Meyer & Jamie Almanzán of The Equity Collaborative. April, 13th & 14th, 8:30 am – 4:30pm
The Equity Collaborative will provide a two-day Racial Equity workshop specially designed for youth-serving organizations. This workshop is designed to introduce key concepts and practices to move a youth serving organization to be more effective in its work with populations of color and to expand its influence on systemic change impacting those populations.

This workshop supports leaders and practitioners to deepen their understanding of how race and culture influence human behaviors and interactions.  The workshop also provides participants interactive opportunities to reflect on their own role in perpetuating institutional oppression. Participants explore power dynamics within their own organization and in the relationship between their organization, the community they serve, and other institutions impacting both.  Additionally, the program design allows organizations to customize the implementation to fit the needs of their community, organization, and the skills of their staff, volunteers, and board members.

CEUs will be offered for this training.

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GradNation Summit co-hosted with Wake County Public Schools & Raleigh College and Community Collaborative. April, 29th, 8:30 am – 5:00pm

Youth Thrive, together with Wake County Public Schools and the Raleigh College and Community Collaborative, will host a GradNation Summit through America’s Promise Alliance. This summit will be one of 100 Summits taking place within the US through 2016 to fuel local collaborative action to increase high school graduation. This summit will include leaders from businesses, civic organizations, non-profits, local government, public schools, higher education, foundations and faith-based organizations who will join with parents and young people to develop a blueprint to accelerate progress. Through this summit we will highlight promising solutions that can be integrated into our community. At the heart of these plans will be the Five Promises, the wraparound services that dramatically increase a young person’s chance of success: caring adults, safe places, an effective education, a healthy start and opportunities to help others. For more information on Gradnation and America’s Promise click here.

Maslow Was a Working Parent (Tools to Reach & Engage Parents) with Leading to Change. May, 10th, 1:00pm- 4:00pm

“Parent Engagement” presentation includes:

  • Maslow Was A Working Parent (Reinterpreting the Hierarchy of Needs)
  •  REAL Strategies and Campaigns (An overview of multiple methods to engage care-takers through the Spotlight, Community Hero, Cultural Hero, Power of Three, and $849 Strategy)
  • Technology and Communication Tools (Rapid-fire demo of FREE and EASY technology applications to increase parent buy-in and involvement)
  • Over 20 different examples & products!

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